Vietnam is a small country on the world map but undeniably the richness of resources and unique beauty destinations of this region. Let’s prove it with Hanoi Advisor Blog today in 7 Recommended destinations in Vietnam for first-time travelers!

1. Hanoi Old Quarter – The Capital of Viet Nam

The first point is Hanoi Old Street, which we often call 36 Streets. Hanoi – the heart of Vietnam is known as not only many beautiful and sacred places thousands of years ago but also thousands of delicious dishes always available for travelers. The tranquility of the roads along the path of the board or the bike full of flowers has become the familiar image of tourists coming here.

Ha Noi Old Quarter
2. Sapa-The City in the Cloud

The second destination can not be miss is Sapa – The City on the cloud. If you went to Sapa before, you will not forget the sunning sight seeing here. Tourists will feel that they are separated from the center’s noise and dust to accompany the floating clouds on the ground area.

Sapa – The city in the Cloud
3. Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is well-known as the destination of the soul. When the cruise explore the sea, all the beauty of the ocean are collected in visitors’s eyes. Enjoying the service on the boat is the best way to relax after hard-working days. Also kayaking in Halong Bay is very interesting for young people…

4. Da Nang

If you are looking for a place that have a lot of stunning view, delicious food and cheap, Da Nang is the best choice for you. In this area, you can swimming, take lots of photo, visit beautiful place and make friend with friendly local people here….


5. Da Lat – Flower City

With diffrent calls like “Little Paris”, “City of flower”, “cherry blossoms city”,…etc proved it poectic natural point. With it mild climate, soothing weather, quietly perfomr it’s beauties. Might be suitable for a quiet souls like any of you to considered.


6. Mui Ne

Mui Ne Famous under the name “Fishing village”. Resort-flatform are rising but Mui Ne still be able to remained it’s legacy. Stunning views along the beach. Diffrent choices all over the places with un-countable relaxing resorts to stay while enjoying magnificent beach.


7. Sai Gon (Ho Chi Minh City)

Sai Gon – Ho Chi Minh city we called. Right near-by the other two places we just mention about, not to far from Da Lat and Mui Ne. Compared to the other destinations, Sai Gon are loud and crownded with people from all over the country. The city that never sleep. Always on it’s feet moving, got it owned personality: spontaneous, fast and most importantly entertaining. even tho, at some point. peaceful and also soothing.

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