HA GIANG FOR ALL ADVENTUROUS SOULS – A life time trip to experience beautiful scenery and natives culture of Ha Giang province are waiting for you.
It will take you perhaps more than 6 hours to reach Ha Giang province, so for those who’s not ecxactly a motocycle rider should consider to travel by bus – the best and the safest way transfer, price range are about 13$-20$ each. If long way drive is one of your concern, beside limosine we also provide sleeping berths bus to rest during your trip. Choose the best suitable for yourself.
Ha Giang
Ha Giang
No matter how limited time you have here in Vietnam, if you got more than one week in your hand. You should save at least 2-3 days for Ha Giang only so you can start enable to maximize your exprience. Cause by the fact you will be overwhelmed by the majestic un-forgettable scenes of nature might take you some time. Among un-sightings fields, rivers and mountains. Visit Dong Van huge and mighty stone plateau, or pass the famously Ma Pi Leng saddle,… etc.
Certantly will be a memorable trip for those whose have got adventurous blood rushing through their veins.
Stunning View of Ha Giang
Stunning View of Ha Giang
Travelers nor backpackers who’s seeking for convenience should comes up with the idea to book from us for the whole package. We got you cover from A to Z: motobike, so is the tourguide are included( We called easy rider) Every things from plan, destination, meals during the day we got you cover. Or if not, you will have to plan rent and ride the motobike on your own. All the planning and process might took you some time and brain. Usually peoples go down town, right in the city center, motorbike renting prices are around 200-300k per day. When your preparation are all done, ready to be amaze by how stunning Dong Van stone plateau is. Rugged and wild, even tho Dong Van still strongly preserved it’s own un-sharpen beauties.
Dong Van Stone Plateau
Dong Van Stone Plateau
Together, riding throughtout Ha Giang breath-taking route. Ma Pi Leng pass let you admiring it’s magnificent sceneries. And most importantly, understanding more about various numbers of people lived in remote parts here in Vietnam because you will be visit multiple villages, towns to discover the minority cultural, traditional tales.
Ma Pi Leng - Ha Giang
Ma Pi Leng – Ha Giang
The north pole we called Lung Cu represented a tall tower stting on top of a small hill. You will be able to see the China border when you climb up, a line separate our country to the out sider. The entrance fees just cost almost a dollar to get in (20.000vnd).
Lung Cu Tower Flag
Lung Cu Tower Flag
Ha Giang is a lot for any indivisual to improvised, not to mention many un-expected case pop up. So to embrace your experience, with a few simple step let us be side by side you the whole journey.
Laid-back and enjoy.
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And prepared to be amazed.